Being well versed with the ever-changing landscape of the web, we realize that the need for finesse and novelty is indispensable in Web Programing. Quite naturally, one of the most critical roles is played by HTML and that's where we come in; as Customized web programming is one of our strongest assets.

Your website isn’t just a sophisticated design, it’s also about functionality and the interactive elements that you require. Our customized web designs will be-

  • Equipped with Latest CSS
  • Compatible with all the prominent Browsers & Operating system
  • Compatible with iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and other mobile devices.
  • Having optimal Download time
  • Integrated with 3rd party platforms
  • W3C validitated
  • with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and server commerce security
  • with Payment Card Industry (PCI), Data Security Standard (DSS) and credit card compliance.
We understand that one size doesn’t fit all, and that your needs are specific. So, whether your site requires DHTML, WAP, Flash, Visual Basics scripts, JavaScript, XML or jQuery; we’ll help you with it. If need be, we can also assist you with website hosting.


Building a successful e-commerce site is the ultimate litmus test for a web design/development provider. It needs to be an amalgamation of ease of use, intuitive user interface and a feature loaded shopfront. At the same time it has to be an eye-catching, customer centric and sales-oriented design.

Our website designers and developers have an eye for detail needed to execute, effective e-commerce designs of all magnitudes. Apart from the technical know-how, our programmers and coders comprehend that an e-commerce website should be well thought out and strategic. We would lay special emphasis on shipping options, payment gateway, checkout, etc. We meticulously include a variety of aspects like-:

  • Easy selection and removal of items from the cart,
  • Guided Checkout,
  • Product Image Zoom,
  • Prominent search box/ categories (sub-categories),
  • Cross selling/Up selling suggestions,
  • Email alert upon order placement with detailed report,
  • Order tracking,

and many more.

If you look at it closely, the success of an e-business isn’t too different from a brick-and-mortar supermarket. Just as the latter, depends on excellent customer service, shopping experience, product variety, placement, prices, et.al.; an e-commerce site’s success depends on similar factors, which we’ll help you master.


However big or small, every website needs a database. It’s the vast pool of information that would benefit you in the long run. Whether you want to reach your clients by directly offering them products for sale, chat room, send newsletters—an integrated database will be of immense help to you. It’s one of the key things that would steer your goal.

We offer full scale custom database software programming for businesses of all kinds. Our proficient designers and developers can select a suitable database design for you or create a customized one. The database development is in essence an expansion of your content management system. A nicely designed database will assist you in understanding your customers, manage the selling of existing products, track, find new ways to engage your audience, etc.
A database developed by us will suit your plans in the long run. The solution we’ll provide would be cost effective, efficient and appropriately customized.


Content Management Systems are the reason behind a spate of websites in the past decade. Credited with making website building a household name, CMSes can offer easy to use, affordable and manageable solutions.
Different strokes for different blokes—at Passingmiles, we realize that all our clients have separate needs. Accordingly, our expert developers, coders will tailor websites for you.
Whether you need it for a professional or personal use, if you have a firm or are self-employed, no matter what purpose or profession it is for; we’ll ensure you have no trouble in publishing your desired content.
Though we offer integration with mostly all the popular Content Management Systems, we’ve listed a few prominent ones -:
Though we offer integration with mostly all the popular Content Management Systems, we’ve listed a few prominent ones -:
WordPress- Biggest CMS on the planet. It's used by 22% of all the websites on the web.
Joomla- Plug-ins galore on Joomla makes it the no. 1 choice if you’re looking for flexibility and extensibility.
Drupal- A trusted CMS, known for the stability, scalability and security it offers.
Magento- With 20% of its eCommerce stores in the Alexa top 1 Million, nothing gets bigger than Magento in eCommerce.


If your needs are beyond run of the mill applications, we can provide you with customized Website Software design and development, that’ll suit you perfectly.

We can help you convert desktop applications into online software. Put differently, if your work happens through applications installed on your personal computer, our talented web programmers can customize it into an online software. This way you don’t just stay confined to only your system and work/access it from anywhere through the web.

We can also help you augment your service or productivity. If you want to simplify it further for your clients to find information such as documents, order related data, contracts, inventory, statements, files—our expert web developers can create it for you.

Besides, if you need file systems, internal databases, share point or the likes, we can help you with that too.


No matter what business are you in, Mobile is not only the smartest way to connect with your audience, it’s the right way for the times we’re in.

Even those who had desktop usage hardwired into them, are hopping onto the mobile bandwagon to access the web on the fly.

Our seasoned website developers aren’t just experts in crafting mobile websites, they have a liking for it.

We would ensure you great compatibility with all the prominent mobile operating systems like Android, Blackberry, iOS, etc. The mobile website would be just like your existing website, so your users feel at home.

We’re well-versed with the best strategies to build a mobile site, no matter what your line of work is.We also develop Mobile Apps.

Apart from the technical knowledge, we realize the strategical importance of Mobile apps. We’ll go all out to suit your purpose, so your clients get a seamless experience when they need your service. We understand that a good mobile app should be intuitive, accomplish what it's aimed at, have an attractive design, if possible work offline and should be battery friendly. Our expert programs won’t rest until the app shapes up to your satisfaction.


Chosen by the likes of, The White House, Examiner, The Economist, The French Govt, et.al., Drupal has been employed by over 5 hundred thousand sites till date. Drupal is known for its flexibility, manageability and well documented API’s. Apart from having lot many functionalities, it’s considered the best bet if you need a multilingual support

We can integrate exceptional quality Drupal themes and template on your site. What we do would be according to your desired look and feel, while keeping your positioning in mind. We know the finer nuances of developing and customizing a Drupal theme/template. The customization would be replete with every functionality you want, so the site works for you beautifully.
You’ll get the latest, most widely used version of Drupal from our table along with its valuable modules to make your site stand out.

With at least 1 out of every 8 websites on WordPress and around 6 fresh WordPress.com posts written every second (and counting), it is undoubtedly the number 1 choice for a CMS today.
We’ll offer you a customized WordPress theme keeping your needs in mind. We’ll see that you get unlimited flexibility, versatility and engagement. With over 29,000 plugins, Hooks, taxonomies, custom post type, meta boxes, etc., our motive is to get you what you want.

Our talented developers will provide you with an optimal solution, while including the most essential functionalities needed by you.

All in all, we’ll bring you simplicity, grace, ease of use and finally hand over the controls (of your site) in your hands.


Whether you’re looking for a big, small, medium or a mammoth online store, Magento is what you need. There are more than a hundred thousand websites up and running on it today. So, if it works for that many web retailers, it’s quite likely it’ll work for you!

We can get you a customized Magento web store in conjunction with your line of work. We would construct it in such a manner that your site looks aesthetically pleasing plus rises beyond expectations in functionality and navigation.

Magento is an extremely flexible, adaptable, scalable CMS for eCommerece. Armed with out of the box features, a plethora of extensions, it will comprehend your needs like no other platform would. We won’t leave any stone unturned to bring you what you desire in your web store; whether it’s the capability of handling multiple stores, better browsing of products, advanced management of customers’ orders or more developed promotional or advertising tools—we'll serve you nothing but the best.