Just like any marketing drive, online marketing campaigns are aimed at attracting potential clients to grow your sales and spread a good word about your product or service through Search Engine Optimization, Paid advertising, E-mail Marketing, Social Media Marketing and more.

The reach and penetration of the Internet makes Online marketing one of the swiftest, most effective means to succeed. Whether you run a firm or are self-employed—it can open a world of opportunities for you.

At Passingmiles, we understand the power of the web. A well-etched out online campaign can bring attention to your product or service, promote your firm, get you buyers and meet your objectives. Bill Gates once famously said—“The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow.”

Our marketing strategists are adept at creating a conducive online marketing scenario for you to strategize and
  • Content Marketing strategy
  • Paid Ads.
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Forums, Polls, Quizzes
  • Email marketing campaigns, et. al.
reach your goals. We’ll advise you a marketing campaign, depending on what best suits your case. It can be anything like-:


The vast realm of online advertising helps you to promote and disseminate marketing messages to entice clients and bring in targeted traffic. It comprises of-:

  • Contextual Ads.
  • Social Network Advertising
  • Creating and updating Blogs
  • Rich Media Ads.
  • Banner Ads.
  • Online Classified Advertising
  • Email marketing
  • Interstitial Ads.
  • Email Spam
With deeper penetration of the web, online communication has gained traction and become a vehicle for digital marketing.
But engagement with your target audience is possible only when you offer them what they want to see, listen or read. While it does resonate with good old (print or video) advertising techniques, it offers immediate actionability, and a chance to interact with your brand. Apart from easy execution, it’s equally convenient to track down and measure the progress of your online advertisement. This way you can find out what’s working for you and what’s not. Since we’re better versed with what works in Online advertising, we’ll help you settle for an ad.that suits you the best. We’re of the firm belief that a fitting online advertising strategy can catapult your business into the big league.


Pay per click (PPC) is a technique where an advertiser pays to the search engine to place their ad on SERPs (driven by keywords), but only if any visitor clicks on their ad., i.e., they only shell out money if their ad is clicked upon, else they don’t. It’s considered as one of the most commercially viable ways to promote your product/service and build a brand presence, in a subtle manner. An analogy can be drawn with a promotional canopy set-up in a fair, where you pay to the organizer of the event on the basis of the number of inquiries you get. So, whether you end up making a sale or not, if a customer even interacted with you, the organizer will charge a fixed amount from you. PPC is considered one of the best ways to connect with your audience. Our marketing strategists can help you with customized, pay per click campaigns to summon attention to your product or service. Even if your website is lagging in the organic ranks, PPC gives you a way to cover up the gap and stay ahead. The most popular search engines on which pay per click ads. run are Google, Bing and Yahoo. At Passingmiles website, we can-:

  • Generate Pay per click campaigns by setting cost effective budgets
  • Manage your campaign
  • Position your brand effectively
  • Set goals and funnels to measure the success of your paid search


Display ads. appear in many formats like banner ads. and rich media. It differs from textual ads. as it employes images, animation, videos or audio to communicate a marketing message.
The visual appeal of these ads. amplifies the efficacy of the message and boosts the brand image of your product/service.

Display ads are also an affordable tool to generate business for almost any product or service. Our digital marketing experts will first comprehend your business, then compose an ad., to position you strategically. We’ll make sure your ad. doesn’t get buried under the heaps of display ads. on the Internet. For that we’ll focus on your brand image and try to offer some food for thought to the user along with a clear message.
Also, we’ll take into account the demographics, awareness, interest and behavior of your target audience.

At Passingmiles new website, we’ll create display ads. in view of your specific requirements. Our services will include-:
  • Designing the Ad.
  • Constructing a campaign around it
  • Tracking the campaign
If worked on meticulously and pursued diligently, display advertising can make your sales soar. And if you have us by your side, we’ll make sure our wide-ranging knowledge and expertise doesn’t let you down.


If done effectively, email marketing can bring your returns that all other strategies put together can’t. How?
Primarily because, it has the deepest penetration and has successfully redefined the term-Customer Relation. It’s considered as the most effective means to reach the inbox of your target group. Most firms trust email marketing to bring better ROI compared to PPC, content marketing, social media marketing, direct marketing (offline), affiliate marketing, i.e., practically all forms of marketing.

At Passingmiles new website, in order to outdo your expectations- we’ll work out a fitting email marketing strategy for you. We’ll customize it according to your preferences. We’ll make sure your prospective clients receive the information in the best possible manner. The services we offer will include-:
  • Designing a customized Email campaign
  • Creating an Email marketing campaign
  • Managing your Email list
  • Managing, Tracking & perking up your campaign
Email marketing is a great way to establish a long lasting connection with your target audience, gain credibility and reputation (which is integral to your brand). Whether it’s newsletters, surveys or any promotions- spreading clickable data via emails will not only get you noticed, but bring you better business.

Our marketers and strategists will provide you with innovative email marketing campaigns to help you shine out.


In the simplest of terms, Web Analytics help you measure, analyze, collect and report, in order to optimize and incorporate best practices for your website. It’s a means to analyze what’s right and what’s not, what works for you and what doesn’t.

Every site today has inbuilt analytics tracking code. If you have a website and do not have a web analytic code inbuilt in it, you’re missing out on a lot of data that can acquaint you with the behavior of your visitors, what they like, what they don’t.

Web analytics offer you with a number of KPI’s (Key performance Indicators) like bounce rate, click through rates, page views, new visitors, page impressions, search traffic, time on the site, conversion rate, average order value, et al.

Our digital marketing experts are highly experienced in analyzing these KPI’s and making sense of this vast data to point you in the right direction. They’d help you in identifying conversion rates, ROI, help you in further narrowing down your target customers, find out what didn’t work to sharpen your focus.

We offer following services-:
  • KPI analysis
  • Analysis of User behavior
  • Analysis of Lost sale/Cart abandonment
  • Analyzing user experience
  • Analyzing the Navigation
Analytics isn’t just a means to understand the performance of your website, where your company is headed, it’s a powerful tool for the betterment of your business. The rules you learn here can hold true even to generate business offline.


If your website isn’t exactly performing how you’d imagined it, with fewer leads and dipping sales, you’d be left struggling to figure what’s wrong.
Not just sites that aren’t doing as expected, website audit should be a periodic phenomenon. It’s like a health check for your website, to track your audiences’ behavior, website usability, but mostly to see how your site’s doing what it was intended to do.

Website auditing is a cost-effective and reliable exercise to identify the key areas that need betterment. It typically tells you-
  • Is your messaging clear enough?
  • The kind of content your users are interested in
  • Are your users finding it easy to get what they desire from your site?
  • Are they getting lost or confused on your website?
  • Are they finding anything confusing?
  • How are your Calls to action doing?
  • How are your Graphics and design elements doing?
  • Where are users abandoning the ordering process?
  • Is your checkout process effective?
Our website auditing experts will analyze your site methodically, recognize the essential elements from a customer standpoint. We’ll start from understanding your needs, then your clients’ needs, then we’ll examine and report to you and do our best to bridge the gap in between.


One of the most effective ways of knowing what works for your website, what doesn’t is through A/B Testing. Put differently, it’s the best, the cheapest, the surest way to analyze what’ll prompt your visitors to take the desired action for conversion or click-throughs.

In A/B tests, variables are changed, the impact is assessed and based on the results the action is taken. Not just quick and doable, the process is completely devoid of guesswork or esoteric understanding of design.
Our designers possess the unique ability needed for conducting thorough A/B tests on your website. We are experienced at testing various variables of your website with the help of data collected from real tests.

Before starting with A/B tests, we’ll ensure that your site is loading fast enough, is cross browser and platform compatible.
Then to make your website flourish, we’ll offer you best practices when it comes to A/B testing. We conduct these tests over a long period of time to arrive at the most accurate results, crucial to serve the purpose of your site.


If optimizing your Landing page isn’t a part of your scheme of things, then even a sound website can’t save you from a harsh fate. Whatever you’re offering, it’s absolutely essential that you make the entry point to your website worthy of being liked. Ask yourself-:
  1. If your site’s making a good first impression?
  2. Do you have a strategically designed landing page?
  3. If customers are getting what they expect when they stumble upon your landing page?
  4. Are they getting an incomplete message when they reach their site?
  5. Are they getting confused with anything on your landing page?
Your landing page has to be the finest weapon of your marketing arsenal. It has the targeted, meaningful, curiosity-inducing and devastatingly inviting.

Our expert digital marketers understand the value of an effective landing page and what it takes to convert visitors into leads.
We’ll distribute your web traffic to multiple pages of your site, i.e., we’ll make several entry points to your site.
At the same time we’ll do our best and see it goes beyond just a brilliant copy, good design and a great call to action.


With social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, topping the most visited websites list, it only makes sense for you to look at it as an advertising avenue.
Social media sites are a great way to promote your product or service. It is also quite easy to execute and track. Right targeting can be quite fruitful, by including the specifics about your audience, like age, gender, education, place entwined with their inclination, interests and attitudes. Some of the prominent sites on which we offer social media advertising are-:
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Twitter
  • Delicious
  • YouTube
  • Foursquare
Social media, being a powerful way to connect with your potential clients, provides you an excellent opportunity to interact with individuals as well as businesses in unofficial manner and build long-standing relationships.
Our digital marketing enthusiasts will provide you with an optimal plan to reach your potential customers through powerful social media advertising campaigns. We’ll see what all sites are a best fit for your brand.