In this policy, by stating “we”, “us” or “our” we are referring to Passing Miles Digital, i.e the operators of this website. We at Passing Miles Digital are liable via the National Privacy Principles as mentioned in the Commonwealth Privacy Act of 1988. This is in subject to any/all exceptions that may apply to us under this particular Act. Note that we at Passing Miles Digital may regularly reassess and update this policy to incorporate relevant additions and amendments within the law and t account for introduction of newer technologies along with any alterations made in our services offered and operations. All the personal information that we hold will be governed as per the latest updated policy. This policy has been last updated on February 18th 2015.

The Information we Collect

We typically collect the following 4 types of content –

  • Contact information
  • Activity history
  • Click trails
  • Publishable content

The contact details that we collect are as per provided by our website visitors/users (“You”) on a regular basis. However, at no point do we personally hold or store usable credit card information. In case credit card information is provided, it is directly entrusted to the payment gateway. We store only the expiry date and the last few digits of your card for the purpose of identity confirmation and for an advanced notification of its expiry. Activity history refers to any orders places, enquiries, pills answered or any direct offline engagement that you may have pursued. Click trails refer to the paths that a visitor takes while on our website. This information is recorded with the help of the IP address and allows us to possibly correlate the data by computer. Publishable content refers to submissions of content such as comments that you as a user would want us to publish on our web pages.

How the Information is Collected

Information such as your contact details and publishable content is collected only when the user supplies it to us via the website or through other direct means of communication. Our servers are constantly recording click trails as and when each request reaches our website. This includes recording of information such as –

  • The type of browser through which our website was accessed by you.
  • The date and time you accessed your website
  • Your IP address
  • The address of the website that lead you to referred you to our pages
  • The addresses of all the pages you accessed as well as the list of documents you may have downloaded on our website.

With the help of ‘cookies’ it is possible to correlate click trails over a period of time. This has been outlined in a section below. Note that in most cases, data gathered herewith is not directly identifiable to an individual.   Every time you submit an enquiry, make a comment, vote or sometimes contact us through an offline platform, activity history is being recorded at our end.  

Objective of Data Collection and What we Do With it

  In order to facilitate a two-way conversation on a public platform between us and out visitors, publishable content is collected and republished in relevant areas. In addition to this, we collect activity history and personal contact information to –

  • Address your queries and requests if any
  • To verify your identity
  • To complete orders made by you if any
  • To deliver relevant information such as special offers, news pieces and/or send you marketing information that you may have volunteered to receive.

We collect click trail related information so that we can –

  • Assess and keep track of our website performance
  • Understand your interest levels in our offerings
  • To fine tune the content on our website


How we Disclose Information

You consent to us disclosing your personal information to other third parties in the following cases – 

  • In case of a sale or part or all of our business
  • In case you specifically authorized us to do so yourself when the information was supplied
  • If an applicable law demands or authorizes it
  • In case credit card payments need to be processed through online payment gateways and/or merchant facilities.
  • In case any form of investigation needs to be pursued by us into the nature of activities performed by you on our website. This may include factors such as details of your network administrator and/or internet service provider.
  • If we have a reason to suspect a breach of any of our terms of use.
  • If we have reasonable doubt towards any unlawful activity conducted by you on our website and believes that disclosure of information is necessary. This includes disclosure to the authorized police or any other enforcement body.
  • To prevent or minimize any form of threat to an individual’s safety or health.

Publishable Content

 When you submit content to us, including but not limited to votes, forum posts testimonials and comments that is deemed publishable, you are essentially giving us perpetual transferable right to publish or commercially peruse the said content with no limitations.

 Furthermore, by submitting such content you essentially warrant that it is produced or owned by you or else, have the authority to assign rights to publication to us. Note that publication rights do not extend to fields that are explicitly marked as private, for instance, your email address with an exception in cases of evident violations of our terms.

Content that is submitted by you for the purpose of publication may be available to view by all visitors on our website. It may also be republished on other websites and platforms upon our discretion at Passing Miles Digital.

 If any form of personal information about yourself or a third party is included within the publishable content, you essentially warrant rights to publish the given information. This indemnifies us against the consequences that may result out of publishing such information.

 If you notice that your personal information has been published on our website without prior consent from your end, we request you to get in touch with us immediately


Cookies refer to electronic tokens carrying small amounts of information. These are essentially passed between the web browser and a server to be able to retain information between visits in case you return to the pages on a future date and/or to maintain the state of the session between pages.

 Passing Miles Digital uses cookies to correlate passive activity tracking information and to authenticate the supply of data such as comments, votes and enquiries. Doing so helps us minimize any form of risky or spam traffic

Opting In and Out

 You can choose to opt out from the correlation of passive activity information. To be able to do this, simply switch off cookies in your browser. However, note that doing say results in reduction of functionality levels on our website. This includes the inability to perform activities such as posting comments and voting. 

Furthermore, at the time you provide us your email address you will be asked whether you wish to receive marketing communications from us via email or other sources. Furthermore, you are also provided with the opportunity to opt out from receiving future communications from us every time any information that you have opted in for is sent to you. You will be able to find an ‘Unsubscribe’ like, typically in the bottom of every email.

 If you believe that you have received any form of communication that is purporting to be connected with Passing Miles Digital or our offerings; and believe that it has been sent you outside the realms of this policy, or by breaching any applicable law, we request you to get in touch with us as soon as possible.

Information Management and Security

All reasonable measures will be taken by us to make sure that your personal information that we hold is not misused, lost or provided to unauthorized third parties. Our measures include the use of password locking, firewalls, truncation of credit card information, use of secured severs and encryption of data in transit. These measures are in exception of information supplied for publication. 

In addition to this, you also acknowledge that we cannot guarantee the security of any communication sent to us mu electronic means. We do not take responsibility for the loss or misuse of, or unauthorized access of your personal information in cases where the security of the data in question is not entirely in our hands. 

It is your responsibility to make sure that your username and password used to access our website remains secure and confidential. You will be held responsible for any activity that takes place under your username and password. This includes and is not limited to the publication of content that is defamatory, illegal or unlawful. You are also responsible for any unauthorized charging on your credit card.

 We are not to be held responsible for any security or privacy practices or lack of herewith by any third party and that the use and collection of your information by such parties may subject you to differing policies.

If you suspect any form of loss or misuse of your personal information, get in touch with us immediately.

Gaining Access to your Information

Excluding the exceptions mentioned in the Privacy Act, we have the right to gain access to and to update or rectify your personal information that we currently hold. Any access request made by you may follow a verification procedure at our end. We may also charge a basic fee to cover the expenses of meeting specific requests made by you. If you wish to seek access to the personal information about you that we hold, get in touch with us.


How to Get in touch with Us?

If you wish for us to answer any queries or you wish to make complaints related to the collection, use, management and storing of your personal information; or intend to change or update the data we have. Contact us on